coffee snob (mototsikletka) wrote in visc_solidarity,
coffee snob

Again with the instimigation...

So, kids, yet another month has flown by like some big, overheated, flying thing, and it's about time we made with the fic meetage. We also need to decide what alternate pairing we'll include for this month. I'm sure Xella would be thrilled out of her pants (although I expect she wasn't wearing any, anyway) to do Remus/Harry. What do other people think?

I know we were discussing holding the next meeting in a cafe, therefore I'd suggest mid-morning or afternoon to avoid lunch crowds. I don't really have any opinions on days, as I rarely even know what day it is. We should also decide which one to meet at. Or we could all just go to a cafe of our choice, drink some coffee, and go home and read smut. Yeah. Anywho, just wanted to get the ball rolling.
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