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It's beginning to look a lot like VISCmas...

You heard me. It's Christmas partay time!! And I request your suggestions. Food! Fun! Porn!! Yeah, this'll pretty much be us hanging around with a bunch of edibles and fanart, but still, throw your seven and a half cents in, ne? I'm thinking, around the fifteenth, at Xella's. We all bring food, and porn to share. Maybe a porny secret Santa? Man, I just keep typing the word porn don't I...

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Porny secret santa~? Would that be like...giving porn? Or porny presents? Like flavoured lube? =D
Maybe we should engage in a more elabourate version of our random game of lube tag. ^_^
I agree. With allll of it. Cant wait, havent seen you guys in forever...I hope Im not working!