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Vancouver Island Snarry Club


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V.I.S.C is a club formed by in May of 2004, when their love of Snarry, or Snape/Harry, overflowed until it could be contained no more. Although, it does cater specifically to the Snarry fandom, it is still most definately open about other pairings. Many of the activities are not going to be Snarry related, simply because that really isn't possible. Instead, in order to make the club a fun, and involving community it was decided that while Snarry is the main focus, general love of Harry Potter would flourish too.

Once you are a member of the club you will be sorted into either Slytherin or Gryffindor, keeping with the houses of Harry and Severus, obviously. From then on you will work together with your House on the different projects or activities which come up in the meetings. Although, it does ask which house you would prefer to be sorted into on the application form, you may be asked to switch in order to keep the numbers as even as possible. No one will be forced to switch if they feel strongly about a particular house.

At the meetings many different things will be done. Some meetings (specifically the monthly one) will be used for discussing fanfiction. Each month a new, multi-part fanfiction will be brought forward for the group to read over the month then, at the next meeting it will be discussed. The fanfiction which is brought foward will originally be introduced by the Head's of House, but if there are plenty of suggestions we will begin taking those instead. Also, some months we will have alternate-pairing spotlights, so that people's eyes remain open. Any pairing will be welcome at those and suggestions will definately be appriciated as well.

Other than the fanfiction meetings we will, also, have activites such as Lazer Tag or something similar. These will be decided on by the group and will only come about if enough money can be raised from donations. Also, we will try to do some fun Harry Potter related activities, like Scarf Knitting, attending book releases, movie openings and practically anything we can think of.

There is no set scheduel for the club as of yet, but we will inform you of this as it comes about. It is strongly suggested that you live close enough to Victoria, British Columbia in order to attend, at least, some of the meetings. If you are able to only attend a small number of them, you are still very welcome and if you do not live in the area, but think you may want to drop in on one of the meetings that is welcome too.

If you are interested in joining please contact either the

Slytherin Head of House E-Mail: blue_infinity@shaw.ca

or the

Gryffindor Head of House E-Mail: xella@hellokitty.com

But, it is reccomended you contact the Gryffindor Head of House since, she handles most of the membership applications.